Executive Skills Coaching

Struggling with organization and planning? Concentration? Follow-through?

Executive skills are those skills necessary to set, follow through, persevere towards, and achieve goals. Out of the eleven executive skills, identify your personal strengths and potential weaknesses, how to leverage your strengths to support your weaknesses and learn practical strategies, customized to you, to function in more efficient and effective ways in all areas of your life.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Coaching

Have you been diagnosed with ADHD or suspect that you may be struggling with ADHD?

“Trying harder” is a strategy that does not work with ADHD – this is scientifically proven. In fact, trying harder only makes things worse. Instead, discover ways in which you can structure your life to optimize brain functioning, manage focus and concentration, follow through, and achieve goals with less frustration and more ease.

ADHD coaching looks at ADHD from the perspective of the eleven executive skills required to accomplish goals and everyday tasks. Learn how to leverage the gifts of ADHD, build skills to bolster your weak executive skills with those that are strengths.


Not happy with the quality of your relationships or finding that you have some “baggage” that is adversely affecting your life? Tried all kinds of things and nothing has worked?

Get clarity, direction, practical suggestions, and relief from the weight of your personal and emotional baggage through psychotherapy. Unpack it and lighten the burden.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR is a revolutionary way of restructuring the brain. It is used to overcome negative and illogical patterns of thinking resulting from emotionally disturbing events. These events can include moments of rejection, embarassment, abandonment, fear, loss, and sadness which have contributed to the shaping of illogical negative self-limiting beliefs that you hold and experience most intensely when life is not going well. Research has shown that EMDR can reshape the brain to function in more helpful ways when these past events are triggered. Move from “how you think about yourself” to “how you would like to think about yourself”.

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