In this day and age, it’s not about what you know because there is a lot of information out there to be known. Today, it’s important to not only how to get the information you are looking for, but also if the information you find is of high quality.

So, here’s a list of resources I use myself and regularly recommend to my clients including:


Many of these websites have search engines where you can be very specific about the information you are looking for. Be careful no to go “down the rabbit hole” when you are searching – surfing is so tempting. One way to fend off surfing temptation is to place a Post-It on your computer screen with the topic you are intending to research.


Of books there is no end. You can find books on everything from a very general understanding of ADD/ADHD to organizing. The trick for those with ADD/ADHD is to actually finish the book. I particularly enjoy books that are organized by distinct standalone chapters so I can read about whatever is my focus at the time.


Let’s face it, getting through a book might be a distant dream for you. So, audio will be your next best thing. Audio is perfect for using up what I call “dead time” – time that you are using to do one thing, but you could be using to do something else. Dead time could include driving in your car or those times when you are waiting. Throw in a CD or play an MP3 to fill the dead time with useful information. However, determine your ability to maintain safety while listening at the same time. If you are not able to focus and attend to your driving, listening to data may not be in your (or others’) best interest.